Our Story

Sneakers for Grown Ups.

Founded by two experienced sneaker designers, Northampton Sneaker Co. wanted to do something a little different.

We want to take traditional Northamptonshire Goodyear Welting techniques to a new generation. To combine the street-style of sneakers with the incredible quality of traditional British shoe making.

A Sneaker With a Difference.

Our sneakers are built differently. They are the polar opposite of fast fashion.

Each pair takes around 40 hours of meticulous handcrafting and hand finishing to create, involving around 200 separate operations.

Goodyear Welted in Britain.

Our sneakers are Goodyear Welted in Northamptonshire, England. This traditional technique involves stitching the sole and upper together rather than simply glueing.

The key advantages to Goodyear Welting are it's incredible quality, comfort, and that soles can be unstitched and replaced.

The Factory

Our Northamptonshire manufacturing partner NPS Shoes Ltd have made beautiful Goodyear welted boots and shoes the traditional way for well over a hundred years.

Our product is created from start to finish entirely in the U.K. by their incredibly skilled craftsmen and women.

We work fully in partnership with NPS Shoes and our product will be available from their factory store and their website. When you pay for your pair the money is handled by NPS Shoes Ltd.

We firmly believe in supporting local jobs and local suppliers as much as possible.

The Last

All footwear is heat formed around a mould shape called a 'last'.

We spent time with a local master craftsman getting the unique shape of our product just right, and just like a sneaker.

The Leather

We use incredibly beautiful high quality European leather, as all the finest Northamptonshire shoe factories do.

The Sole

Our sole tread is supplied by Vibram of Italy. We chose them as they are regarded as the very best.

Vibram invented the first 'lugged' rubber outsole way back in 1937. Vibram's combination of comfort, grip, and light weight is still unmatched today.

Northampton, England, UK

Northampton is famous for being the home of the finest quality men's shoes in the world.

Located right in the heart of Great Britain skilled workers in factories all across Northamptonshire make incredibly beautiful shoes for brands that have become world renowned.

Northampton Sneaker Co. use this rich resource to create a sneaker like no other.

The Design

Upper: simple, elegant, everyday wearable.

Branding: minimal. We let the quality do the talking.

Construction: entirely from European leather and calf lined all the way to the toe. No expense spared.

Sole: attached to upper via a storm welt, also real leather.

Tread: Vibram. Extremely light and comfortable.

Tongue and collar: padded like a sneaker.

Details: delicate punched 'brogue-ing', a nod to our factory's awesome shoe making skills.